ICONOFLASH Gray Women's Lining Faux Slipper Printed with Shearling Lips Bootie PUZqxP


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Rustic Cuff is a growing company based out of a showroom in Tulsa, OK.  Celebrities such as Miranda Lambert, Giuliana Rancic, Kristin Chenoweth, and Gayle King to name a few, wear Jill Donovan’s designs.  Orders for Rustic Cuffs ship internationally every day.  Her bracelets have been featured on a multitude of national talk shows and in magazines including Elle, People, In Style, etc.  What Jill has achieved in three years, starting with a staff of one who officed in Jill’s kitchen, to a staff that grew from 18 to 30 last quarter, is almost inconceivable.

A now sought-after motivational speaker who encourages women to pursue their own passions, Jill attributes the brand success to the loyal Rustic Cuff fans, locally and across the country.  She especially loves the fact that almost as often as her customers buy cuffs to keep, they buy them to give away.  In recent months, she has inadvertently started an epidemic of RC gift-givers.  Everyday she hears new stories from women who are moved to gift the cuff off their own wrist. For Jill that is what it’s all about.  Not the bracelet, but the connection that is made between two people, often strangers, in that moment.  Spontaneous moments.  Full of hope, love, tears and laughter.  This organic movement was named #RegiftRC and has become part of the company’s mission.

ICONOFLASH Gray Women's Lining Faux Slipper Printed with Shearling Lips Bootie PUZqxP