Chaco Chaco Slipper Harper Denim Harper 6n8YX


Slipper Denim Harper Harper Chaco Chaco
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5th-level divination
Casting Time 1 minute (Ritual)
Range Self
Harper Chaco Slipper Denim Chaco Harper Components V S M (Incense, holy water)
Duration 1 minute

You contact your deity and ask up to three yes or no questions. You must ask before the spell ends. You receive a correct answer for each question.

You may receive "unclear" as an answer if the deity doesn't know. If a one-word answer is misleading or contrary to the deity's interests, the DM can offer a short phrase instead.

If you cast the spell again before finishing a long rest, there is a cumulative 25 percent chance for each casting that you get no answer. The DM rolls this in secret.